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*18942990 • 08/15/2017

Sire: *G A R Sure Fire [RDF]

Dam: *G A R Prophet 2685

This Dam of Gardiners 2022 high selling female sells safe to calve this spring to Gardens R048 V92.

387 GAR PAR.jpg

*20337796 • 09/05/2021
Sire: +*G A R Spit Fire [AMF-CAF-XF]
Dam: *Green Garden Protet T40

Sells open.

j44 par.jpg

*19119959 • 11/14/2017
Sire: *Gardens Cache [AMF-CAF-XF]
Dam: #Green Garden Sophie NB24

This proven donor and 15 embryos from her by G A R Spit Fire sell.

E47 Green Garden.jpg

 *19113003 • 02/27/2018
Sire: *Gardens Cache [AMF-CAF-XF]
Dam: #Green Garden Barbie QB10

Sells safe to calve this spring to G A R Spit Fire.

E5 Green Garden.jpg

*19356464 • 10/30/2018
Sire: *EXAR Granite [OSF]
Dam: Green Garden Koeta RE28

Sells with bull calf on side born 9-19-22 sired by K C F Bennet Rock E466

ue28 par.jpg
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