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G A R Spit Fire


We have a selection of semen for sale as part of our frozen genetics, these are all bulls worth taking a look at for your program.

p189 gar grn garden rt fc.jpg

G A R Spit Fire

19497066  02/28/2019 Tattoo: P189

Selling 25 units of this outstanding Gardiner Angus bull. He is also the sire for the 15 embryo package and P A R Protet J44

K C F Bennett Rock E466

Selling 25 units of our slam dunk calving ease bull.

D466 Green Garden.jpg
U91 Green Garden.jpg

Gardens Burst U91

Selling 25 units of Gardens Burst U91, a wonderfully balance of Phenotype, Calving Ease, Growth and Carcass.

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