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Gardens Cache

A Treasure Trove of Traits • Cache represents 43 years of consistent selection pressure for productive commercial cattle industry traits. • His production traits of calving ease, low maintenance, practical growth, fertility, efficiency,  longevity and carcass superiority that has made Cache one of the most ideal beef animals of the Angus Breed. • Over the last year Cache’s progeny at ranches across the country have sold to AI firms, seedstock and commercial operations at public auction for over $2.2 million. • Feed Test Data ADG 5.73 DMI 24.2 RFI 1.22 F:G 4.22 • IMF 8.41 with .35 in back fat REA 14.3 and ADJ YW 1235 • The Cache influence in production at Green Garden, 56 daughters 82 granddaughters 17 great granddaughters • Adding these young females into production this year • 1 daughter 51 granddaughters 33 great granddaughters 1 great-great granddaughter • With Cache’s background and if you are a student of genetics and practical beef production.....nothing really needs to be added except time to the growing Legacy of Gardens Cache.

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10 units

Gardens Cache 

Selling two lots of 5 units each of Gardens Cache semen.

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