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Bulls for sale

Below are the bulls we have for sale. Currently most of them will be available through the Green Garden Angus Annual Production Sale, Monday, April 1.


Lot 13

K11 is a Gardens R048 V92 son out of a beautiful EXAR Granite daugter, with great feet and carcass numbers.

Lot 35

J9 was bred by one of our satellite herds, Cross Cattle Company, with great numbers across the board.


Lot 36

K65 is a standout calving ease bull who holds onto his carcass and his $C at 320.

Lot 37

J7 is a calving ease sire out of KCF Bennet Rock E466, with great carcass.


Lot 38

K75 is a calving ease bull with great $M and $C.

Lot 47

K44 is a full sibling to P A R Protet J44, the $50,000 cow that sold in Pollard Farms 2023 Fall sale, they are out of, Green garden Protet T40, the top selling cow in the Perkins Angus Fall Sale. He ran with cows for a season the fall of 2023 and came off grass weighing 1345.


Lot 48

K14 sits at number 5 in the GG Sale for Marbling EPD at 2.06 and tied for 6th in $M at 88, a great way to improve your cattle herd.

Lot 49

K6 is a growthier bull, to add a little bit of size to your calves.


Lot 50

K22 is another growthy bull to add some size to your calves and keep your phenotype.

Lot 51

K10 is an excellent G A R Spit Fire son, with good numbers across the board.


Lot 52

A calving ease G A R Spit Fire son with an outstanding phenotype.

Lot 63

L1530 was bred by Gardiner Angus Ranch, who fit right in with all the other bulls at Green Garden, with Marb EPD of 1.41 and RE EPD of 1.17, he can give you carcass quality and size.


Lot 75

LE20 is a great little calving ease package with Marb EPD of 2.22 and a $C of 329.


Lot 77

LE14 a complete bull out of a wonderful mature cow in our herd.

Lot 78

L700 is combination of traits to balance out any herd.


Lot 79

L362 is a standout little calving ease bull to increase you marbling.

Lot 102

LE52 is a super solid bull out of a 13 year old cow that shows how longevity can benefit your herd.



K35 is a little heifer bull who ratioed 124 in IMF.


J5 was bred by one of our satellite herds, Cross Cattle Company, with great numbers across the board.



PJ259 is bred and co-owned by one of our satellite herds, Perks Country, is a calving ease bull with great structure an is a pleasure to look at.

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