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Green Garden Sidney JE25  16314616  09/18/2008 

Listed to the right are all but 2 of the females out of her that have been retianed, either at PAR or Green Garden Angus. It's no wonder that she gets the term Foundation Cow in our herd.

Green Garden Sidney NE25   17528429 09/25/2012

A beautifully structured cow, who passes that on to her calves

Green Garden Sidney TE2  18845683   03/12/2017

E26 is the second generation of keepers out of E25 contuning on the good cow tradition with one heifer in production in PAR and one in Green Garden.

Green Garden Sidney VE26  19503879   03/08/2019

E26 is the third generation of keepers out of E25.

Green Garden Sidney TE2  18845683   03/12/2017

11 is a sister to E26, another second generation of E25. She has done a wonderful job so far, weaning off her first with a weight of 612 while she weighed in at 930. Her calf is currently going through the Grow Safe system at Green Garden Angus in preparation to be in the Green Garden Production sale in April.

Green Garden Sidney SE25  18848729  12/05/2016

E35 is another first generation E25, she has great calves, we're still working on just the right matings for some keeper heifers out of her.

Green Garden Sidney TE25  19119956  10/12/2017

512 is in production at Green Garden Angus and is another first generation that looks to be doing a great job, with a heifer over there to calve this fall.

Green Garden Sidney V512  19664089  11/14/2019

V512 is a second generation looking to calve this fall at Green Garden Angus.

Green Garden Sidney UE25  19356463   09/30/2018

528 is another first generation over at Green Garden Angus, she weaned off her first calf at 548 weighing in at 948. He is also on the Grow Safe system on his way to the 2022 Green Garden Production Sale.


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